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sober living environment transitional living West CoastTransitional living is an evidence-based modality which encourages the developing of positive belief systems. It supports the gradual resumption of the many day-to-day responsibilities inherent to a healthy and independent lifestyle, and it facilitates the development of coping skills to constructively manage life’s many challenges and stress factors. It is particularly effective for patients who are undergoing dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) as part of a co-occurring treatment plan, but it offers many broadly applicable benefits to clients in a wide range of circumstances.

West Coast Recovery Centers believes in providing its clients with a safe and comfortable environment in which to live during the initial phases of the recovery process. The Residences are located in Oceanside, CA, just a few blocks from the ocean—and from some of the most scenic views that southern California has to offer. To ensure continuity of care, enrich early-stage recovery, and foster healthy lifestyle developments, the Clinical Team is in contact with the Residences House Managers on a daily basis.

Transportation for Residents

In providing a luxurious and welcoming substance-free sober living environment, we ensure that each of our clients’ essential needs are met. Scheduled transportation is provided to the local gym (gym membership is provided by West Coast RC), Trader Joe’s, and our own Outpatient Facilities.

For individuals living in the Residences, a tier system is in place for transportation correlated to the client’s individualized treatment plan, needs, and designated level of care. After a certain point in a client’s treatment, West Coast Recovery Centers believes it is imperative that they engage in self-driven and self-determinate behavior, thereby fostering further growth and independence. This is a demonstrably effective part of a mindfulness-based recovery program, which dramatically reduces the chance of a relapse.

For Residents in the Partial Hospitalization Program

For individuals receiving PHP, WCRC supplements its basic transportation plan (i.e., WestCRC facilities, gym, grocery store) with options that support such vital activities as doctors appointments, job interviews, school, volunteer work, or recovery-related activities (i.e., meetings).

For Clients in the Intensive Outpatient Program

Clients who are receiving IOP-level care are provided basic scheduled transportation (i.e., to the gym, grocery store, or Outpatient Facility). All outside appointments, including job, school, or volunteering activities’ transportation-related needs are the responsibility of the client: individuals who have reached the intensive outpatient phase of their recovery are encouraged to explore their own independence.

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