West Coast Recovery Centers are what I look for in a treatment center because they truly embody what it means to advocate for the client AND just as importantly the family of the client. How does that manifest? They ask a lot of questions as opposed to making a lot of declarative statements about how it is and how it works because that’s how it worked for them. They connect with the clients on a deeper level than just what they know to be true but rather by really trying to find out what it is that the client connects to and where their ownership lies in the process of addressing their health issues and implementing the solutions to those issues. The really big piece, for me, is their willingness to comprehensively take on the family and empower them to actually become their loved one’s best chance at sustainable recovery. How do they do this? By providing them with long term education, transformational skills and support over an entire year. It’s a game changer and it will make the ultimate difference to their clients. West Coast is in it to win it. They are true warriors in the battle against the status quo of addiction treatment.


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