West Coast Recovery Centers is my premier choice in men’s addiction treatment. Founders Sean Firtel and Ian Depew worked diligently to create the absolute highest standard of care for the most affordable price-point. When choosing a provider, I consider an exhaustive list of criteria, and West Coast Recovery Centers meets every single one. Where other providers jam as many clients as possible under one license, WCRC is small and intimate, serving no more than six men at a time in their residential facility. Where other providers give only one therapy session each week, WCRC provides multiple one-on-one sessions, capitalizing on the residential milieu to give clients the immersion they need. Where other providers use a cookie-cutter approach to each client’s treatment plan, WCRC embraces a multidisciplinary style of treatment, acknowledging that each person is a unique individual who connects with and relates to unique approaches. Where other providers often adhere to a somewhat shaming form of behavioral modification, WCRC is compassionate and person-centered, treating each client with dignity and respect. Where other providers might offer a single “family weekend” to engage loved ones in the treatment process in a rote way, WCRC understands the importance of the family, and they encourage and facilitate family work and family healing in a way that is deeply personal. If I designed a treatment center, it would look just like WCRC — designed so that a loved one in crisis has the greatest possibility of sustained, successful recovery. More providers should follow their blueprint. I’m grateful to have them as a resource.

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