I cannot even explain with words the West Coast Recovery experience. After calling almost every rehab in San Diego homeless on the streets once again West Coast stood alone with the owner driving into the night to pick up a kid reaching his hand out in desperate need of help, that kid was me. I’ve underwent profound spiritual and psychological breakthroughs now truly seeing my purpose here on this earth. The feelings of fear and alienation have completely vanished and been filled with passion and understanding. The works being done here are that of the shaman, the healer. From a homeless addict to a college student all in the course of a few months with the help of some lending hands that know what it’s like to be caught in the vicious cycle. All I can say about the staff is that they are men and women of true compassion and character nothing short of divine. The boundary between teacher and student dissolves and we rejoice, we make music, we hang out, we all go out together as a family and for the first time in my life sobriety is actually fun, it’s amazing, it’s freedom! I do hold value as a human being, and I can do anything! Life is unlimited possibilities and no one and no thing can stop me except for myself, sometimes we just need a little help to see the light that’s been shining within the whole time. You see the addict views the world in a different way, were creative, intelligent, thinkers, idealists, and dreamers. Alienated and uneducated on how to use our abilities the result can be devastating, but with the guidance and wisdom of a teacher who knows this realm all too well, we truly can manifest our dreams into a reality. West Coast Recovery somehow managed to assemble that teacher, and reveal those teachings. You see I’ve had a gift all along I just didn’t know how to use it! If I am to leave you with one message it is this, come and check it out it’s been a pretty far out ride…”

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