Transitional living is an evidence-based modality which encourages the development of positive belief systems. It supports the gradual resumption of the day-to-day responsibilities inherent to a healthy and independent lifestyle. It facilitates the development of coping skills, to constructively manage life’s many challenges and stress factors. It is particularly effective for patients who are undergoing dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) as part of a co-occurring treatment plan, but it offers many broadly applicable benefits to clients in a wide range of circumstances.

In short, transitional living is an efficient and effective experience in mindfulness-based substance use recovery and relapse prevention. A self-determined treatment plan, based on principles of mindful self-affirmation, provides an individual in recovery with the skills they need to successfully navigate even those challenges which fall far outside of the scope of substance use. A treatment experience based on mindfulness will help unlock the ability to develop one’s own coping skills throughout the rest of one’s life, further reducing the chance of a relapse.

West Coast Recovery Centers believes in providing its clients with a safe and comfortable environment in which to live during the initial phase of the recovery process. The Residences are located in Oceanside, CA, just a few blocks from the ocean—and from some of the most scenic views that southern California has to offer. To ensure continuity of care, enrich early-stage recovery, and foster healthy lifestyle developments, the Clinical Team is in contact with the Residences House Managers on a daily basis.

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