Nutritional deficiencies are a common byproduct of substance abuse. In fact, addiction is one of the major causes of nutritional deficiency in the U.S. today. Deficiencies in vital nutrients can affect the body in many negative ways by interfering with the functioning of vital organs and the metabolism. Proper nutrition provides essential support our patients need to succeed in treatment, by providing the body with much-needed energy, repairing organ tissue and boosting the immune system.

At West Coast Recovery Centers, we believe a healthy diet is an essential component of the recovery process, as it restores both mental and physical health. We offer nutritional counseling and food guidelines to help our patients achieve a higher state of wellness while in our treatment programs and long after. Every week, our patients meet with our chef at a local Farmer’s Market to select fresh produce and learn how to make healthy meals. Our staff is also ready to help you prepare healthy meals of your choosing, so you get the skills you need to continue your healthy eating habit at home.

Benefits of Nutritional Counseling and Education

There are many reasons why nutritional counseling and education play such a prominent role in the treatment programs at West Coast Recovery Centers:

  • When the body feels better, it is easier to adhere to a treatment plan
  • A healthy diet alters brain structure, to positively influence mood and behavior
  • Proper nutrition helps reverse damage done to the body through substance abuse
  • The proper balance of nutrition may help impact substance cravings
  • Nutrition education has far-reaching benefits as skills learned can be used long-term

Nutrition counseling is just one important component in the treatment programs at West Coast Recovery Centers. We customize each patient’s treatment to their specific needs to ensure the best possible outcome for their recovery. To learn more about treatment options at West Coast Recovery Centers, call us today at 855-927-2687.

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