NeurOptimal Neurofeedback

neurofeedbackNeurOptimal curb cravings sober livingClients will receive a minimum of two NeurOptimal neurofeedback sessions per week during our men’s and women’s transitional living program. NeurOptimal interacts with the central nervous system and takes advantage of the brains natural ability to reprogram (neural plasticity) itself. This noninvasive therapy increases the mind and body’s ability to “bounce back” from traumatic events that may cause hyper-arousal, depression, lethargy, disassociation, inability to sleep, nervousness, anxiety, repetitive or self-critical thinking, etc. NeurOptimal creates “flexibility” in the brain, which allows you to be more adaptable to internal and external stimuli. After a few NeurOptimal neurofeedback sessions, users report feeling more focused, calm and centered, less bothered by doubts and insecurities and are more apt to experience confidence and satisfaction (

NeurOptimal neurofeedback uses state-of-the-art brain training to help patients overcome addictions and embrace a sober lifestyle. The innovative treatment is only available through a few recovery centers across the country, including West Coast Recovery Centers. To learn more about this revolutionary therapy, contact West Coast Recovery Centers at 855-927-2687.

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