Addiction treatment is a complex, multi-­faceted process that must be tailored to the unique needs of each client if it is to be successful. At West Coast Recovery, we recognize and understand that need, which is why we take the time with each patient to find the recovery process that will be most effective. Our transitional living programs integrate a number of essential facets to provide comprehensive treatment for all of our patients:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Spirit
  • Family
  • Life skills

These components are incorporated into a warm and intimate setting on the beautiful coast of the Pacific Ocean. Individuals benefit from client-­centered and client-­directed programs that meet them where they are, to help them overcome their addictions on a personal level. With evidence-­based, goal-­oriented treatment, we strive to provide patients with the necessary tools to help them transition into a life of sobriety outside the safe walls of our treatment center.

Benefits of West Coast Recovery Treatment Programs

There are a number of reasons to consider West Coast Recovery for your addiction treatment:

  • 24­ hour staffing by a team of professionals committed to treatment and recovery
  • Holistic approach to addictions
  • Assistance finding balance in your new sober lifestyle
  • Comprehensive programs meet patients on all levels
  • Self­ empowering approach helps you meet life beyond treatment with confidence
  • Support and healing for the family as well as the individual
  • Traditional recovery and alternative options available
  • Aftercare to help you integrate into the recovery community

Transitional Living Designed for You in Oceanside and Carlsbad – North County, San Diego, CA

At West Coast Recovery Centers, you will experience all the professional help you need to overcome your addiction and move into a life of sobriety. Our West Coast setting gives you the environment necessary to relax and focus on your recovery. Our Zen approach to treatment is both intimate and personalized for each of our patients, giving them ample opportunity to focus on the issues that led to their addiction. At the same time, patients focus on their physical, mental and spiritual health as a way to move out of their lives of addiction and into lives of productive sobriety.

Transitional Living Programs at West Coast Recovery offer both 12­-step and non-­12­-step programs, so you can choose the treatment philosophy that fits your specific needs best. We encourage residents to make an individualized discharge plan that will effectively equip them with the tools they need to successfully transition from transitional living environments and outpatient treatment at West Coast Recovery to a productive, sober lifestyle.

Recovery is a complex process that requires professional assistance to find the road to successful sobriety. At West Coast Recovery, we are experienced in providing those necessary tools to our patients so they can successfully transition from our transitional living and outpatient programs to a sober life outside the security of our treatment facilities. To learn more, contact West Coast Recovery at 855-927-2687.

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