Once you leave treatment, support systems become vital to a successful recovery. West Coast Recovery Centers will introduce you to various support meeting options as a part of your program, to prepare you for life beyond treatment. Since you are the most vital piece in developing your Individual Recovery Plan, you will be discussing your options with the treatment team to determine which support systems will work the best in helping you maintain your recovery.

Support Systems

At West Coast Recovery Centers, you will be introduced to the following support systems:

  • 12-Step – the 12-step recovery program originally created for Alcoholics Anonymous continues to be one of the most popular addiction recovery programs today
  • SMART – this program uses the latest scientific research to help participants learn tools for a positive, successful recovery
  • Refuge Recovery – specifically created for those that have committed to the Buddhist path of meditation, kindness, generosity and renunciation

Benefits of Support Systems in Recovery

There are numerous reasons to participate in support systems as a part of your recovery process:

  • Provides a community of support as you work through recovery
  • Offers emotional care when challenges and obstacles arise
  • Delivers a safe forum for sharing stories and problem-solving
  • Enriches spiritual values when surrounded by like-minded individuals
  • Allows those in recovery to give back to their communities
  • Meetings are typically always available and easy to attend

West Coast Recovery Centers understands that recovery is an ongoing process that requires support and education throughout. To ensure a successful recovery, we help you put your support pieces into place so you are ready to leave treatment and embark on the next phase of your recovery process. To learn more, contact West Coast Recovery Centers at 855-927-2687.

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