July 26, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kind of insurance do you take?
  2. Do you accept Medi-Cal?
  3. Is there a blackout period?
  4. Do you accept Bitcoin or alternative forms of payment?
  5. Can I have my phone/computer?
  6. Do you allow smoking?
  7. What is the length of stay?
  8. Are you a 12 Step based program?
  9. Can I surf/swim in the ocean during my stay?
  10. Is there a psychiatrist on staff that I will be able to see?
  11. What is the average age of the men/women in the facility?
  12. Can I bring any personal instruments?
  13. What kind of holistic care do you provide?
  14. Can I have my car in Outpatient/Sober Living?
  15. Can I get a job while participating in the program?
  16. Do you allow MAT treatment?
  17. Do you cover the cost of airfare?
  18. How often do I see my primary therapist at the sober living facility?


  1. All PPO Insurance. Check if you qualify here.
  2. No, we currently do not accept Medi-Cal.
  3. We believe it is important to take some time to acclimate to the program and unplug from the outside world. During your loved one’s first two weeks at West Coast Recovery Centers he will be on a black out period, which consists of no technology and no communication with family and/or friends. Please understand that there can be exceptions to this rule if your loved one needs to make financial, medical or otherwise emergent communications. We encourage family to send letters to clients. WestCRC staff asks clients to open mail in the presence of a clinician to ensure contents are appropriate.
  4. Yes, we accept Bitcoin and select cryptocurrencies. Self-determination can certainly include the desire to remain anonymous at every possible level in one’s choice to begin recovery.
  5. Yes, personal electronics are permitted.
  6. Yes, in designated areas. We also offer smoking cessation support.
  7. Length of stay varies and is dependent upon the needs of the client.
  8. We are not a 12-Step based program, however we believe having a support system is a highly effective means to lasting recovery. During your Individual Recovery Planning you will be introduced to 12-Step, SMART, and Refuge Recovery support meetings as part of your program. These support systems and those YOU discussed with the treatment team will all be implemented into a comprehensive and tailored recovery plan. We believe that YOU are the most vital piece in developing your Individual Recovery Plan, so please be vocal about what you believe will best help you maintain your recovery.
  9. Yes, we encourage one enjoy the ocean!
  10. Yes, our Medical Director Dr. Christian Small is a licensed Addiction Psychiatrist and General Practitioner.
  11. Each milieu is unique. We treat a variety of substance use disorders, which afflict men and women at every age.
  12. Yes! We have multiple music therapy programs, and encourage one to play music.
  13. We offer a range of holistic and clinically based treatment modalities. Learn more here.
  14. Yes. If you are a resident of our Transitional Living/Sober Housing, you may have your own vehicle following 45 days of continuous sobriety.
  15. Absolutely. We also offer vocational counseling, will assist you with your resume, and engage in mock interviews.
  16. Yes, we allow Medically Assisted Treatment.
  17. No, we do not cover the cost of airfare.
  18. At our Sober Living Facility, you will see your therapist a minimum of twice per week, along with your Case Manager once per week, and one weekly family therapy session.