Creative Expression:  WestCRC values the therapeutic benefits of creative expression.  Research shows that utilizing creativity as a therapeutic intervention yields decreased symptoms of anxiety and depression and increased enjoyment and satisfaction according to client and clinician reports (Caddy, Crawford & Page; 2012).  WestCRC clients participate in Rock to Recovery.  With the help of an expert musician, the clients collaboratively create music by writing lyrics and developing rhythm and beat using professional equipment.  The songs are recorded and are published on Soundcloud.  Additionally, clients participate in Expression through Creative Arts groups weekly.   The specific art projects are designed to allow clients to become more vulnerable and engage with their emotional bodies in ways that don’t require explicit verbal processing. Clients also learn to practice mindfulness and stress reduction, identify inner inspiration and confidence, and challenge old patterns of negative self-talk through the subjective process of art.  In addition, through the reflection and feedback received from peers, clients are receiving validation while building interpersonal skills.

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