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North County Schools Turn to Trauma-Informed Teaching Methods

Development of Positive Relationships Reduces Risk of Substance Abuse, Drug Addiction in North County School District Traumatic experiences are always damaging, but they can be particularly devastating for children, most of whom have yet to develop the coping skills that will help them to overcome and move on from their experience. One of the early[…]

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Westchester Conference Focuses on Co-Occurring Disorders, Treatment

Westchester Tech Conference Focuses on Co-Occurring Diagnosis Solutions in Lower Hudson Valley The Lower Hudson Valley is a collection of communities with many pleasant factors in common. They feature sprawling natural vistas, a diverse culture, and friendly people—people who, as a rule, are proud of their local heritage. They also have at least one shared[…]

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Opioid Epidemic

Heroin, Other Opioid Overdoses Reach Epidemic Proportions Within the United States Our country’s opioid epidemic is taking a rising toll—so much so, in fact, that it is having a measurable effect on the average life expectancy of American citizens. This fact further demonstrates the need for effective means of relapse prevention in addiction recovery facilities,[…]

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Co-Occurring Treatment Modalities

Co-Occurring Disorders May be Overcome by Familiar Treatment Modalities What was formerly known as dual diagnosis is now generally referred to as co-occurring disorder. A co-occurring disorder is not a specific illness unto itself. Instead, it refers to the simultaneous existence of a substance abuse disorder and one or more other, non-addiction-related mental health concerns. A co-occurring[…]

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Meditation in Motion for a Busy Modern World

Mindful on the Go: Meditation Techniques for Today’s Modern Lifestyles It’s no secret that the pace of modern life is speeding up. Recent anthropological studies have concluded that, in many pre-agrarian societies, people worked as little as four hours per day, and slept 4-6 hours twice per day. They ate frequent meals, and regularly gathered[…]

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Mindfulness and Addiction Recovery: What Is Mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness? West Coast RC offers a mixture of traditional and holistic therapies for the treatment of substance abuse disorders. One of the common points between every form of treatment, however, is a strong basis in certain ancient Eastern philosophies. Specifically, West Coast Recovery focuses on those which center on mindfulness, meditation and intentional living,[…]

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Individual Therapy in Mindfulness-based Addiction Recovery

A Place for Everyone: Individual Therapy in Holistic Addiction Recovery Traditional environments for addiction treatment, such as 12-step programs and intensive inpatient therapy, are historically notorious for having high relapse rates. Within such settings, individual therapy has had a measurable effect in approximately two out of every three cases. As a result, more recently developed[…]

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Sober Living in Transition

Sober Living Sober living is more than a recovery program, or a form of therapy. It’s a state of mind, which uses intentional living as a means of making deliberate decisions to fight cravings. Through sober living, a person is provided with the necessary treatment and support to choose to let go of their addiction.[…]

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Group Therapy in Addiction Recovery

The Role of Group Therapy in Addiction Recovery Addiction recovery is a long-term process, which rarely works in the same way for any two individuals. Everyone’s needs differ, to some degree: their motivation, the ways in which they find support, the reasons why they turned to substance abuse in the first place, and the presence[…]

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Why Transitional Living Works

Transitional Living: Why it Works Transitional living is a concept which has long been well-established in fostering readjustment to society; as such, it has become quite common among groups of people facing a diverse range of challenges. Transitional living has seen use among individuals with a wide range of mental health concerns, as well as[…]