addiction cravings management creative expression

Managing Addiction through Creative Expression

One of the primary concepts behind any form of treatment for addiction disorder is the importance of learning how to express one’s psychological needs, sometimes in unconventional ways. This applies to both the traditional and the holistic approaches in modern addiction counseling practices. Many individuals who turn to drugs or alcohol do so based on[…]

addiction recovery personal empowerment

Personal Empowerment through Mindful Living

“From a small seed, a mighty tree may grow.” —Aeschylus People build things. It’s what we do; it’s one of our most primal expressions of personal identity. Throughout the history of human civilization, we have grown by building higher and expanding our borders. Those who pursue power over large populations, whether for their own gratification[…]

eye movement desensitization reprocessing EMDR

Approaching Addiction Recovery through EMDR

Limiting beliefs, negative self-image, and other underlying contributors to addiction and substance abuse frequently have their own contributing factors. Many mental and emotional challenges to a healthy, intentional perspective are themselves symptoms of other issues. One of the most frequent causes of such deep and life-long challenges is traumatic memory. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing[…]

Cooperative Communication

Cooperative Communication for Mindful Self-Awareness A range of factors contribute to the individual needs of every person on the path to recovering from addiction. Age, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds all come into play in determining how to best overcome a person’s unique challenges; in some cases, there are other psycho-social concerns involved. There are, however,[…]

AccuDidge West Coast exclusive holistic sound therapy

AccuDidge: A West Coast Recovery Centers Exclusive

The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association was founded in 1985. Its mission is simple: advance the evidence-based use of acupuncture for the treatment of addiction disorders. The organization was founded by Dr. Michael Smith of New York’s Lincoln Hospital, along with a cadre of other medical professionals. Its acronym, NADA, was chosen to reflect the organization’s[…]

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Pharmacogenetic Testing

Staying on the cutting edge of medical techniques and assuring that our clients benefit from the advances of modern science is an important and necessary aspect of our services. We use an individualized approach to medication prescription and offer our clients a new type of genetic testing called pharmacogenetic testing which helps to optimize benefits[…]

mental health wellness intensive outpatient treatment

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Develops Life Skills for Lasting Success

Within the practices of cognitive behavioral therapy, several organized series of therapeutic approaches exist. These methods of approaching behavioral challenges, such as body image disorders and addiction, are rooted in the concept that dysfunctional behaviors are the result of internal triggers. These triggers may be deep-rooted thoughts, limiting beliefs, feelings, or other psychological patterns or[…]

mindfulness limiting beliefs false belief systems

The Problem of False Belief Systems

What is a Belief System? Beginning in the mid-20th century, the previously philosophical concept of beliefs began receiving heightened amounts of scientific scrutiny. The idea of beliefs being deeply influential with regard to a person’s view of reality soon took root within the practice of psychology, particularly with the advent of cognitive behavioral therapy (or[…]

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Finding Wholeness

Refuge Recovery presents a self-enabling path for overcoming the challenges inherent to addiction recovery. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present. —Bil Keane, creator of Family Circus The dictionary defines “mindfulness” as a uniquely human state of awareness, one that is[…]