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When talking about the problem of addiction in the U.S., the conversation usually revolves around drugs and alcohol. However, sexual addiction is becoming increasingly prevalent in this country, particularly with the availability of pornography through the Internet and television. Sex can become a very real addiction, just like dependence on a substance like drugs or alcohol. For many addicts, it may take professional treatment to overcome the addiction and discover a life of “sobriety” from sex, which typically means eliminating unhealthy sexual behaviors without living a life of complete celibacy.

What is Sex Addiction?

Sexual addiction has been defined by the National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity as “engaging in persistent and escalating patterns of sexual behavior acted out despite increasing negative consequences to self and others.” Some of the behaviors that might fall under the umbrella of this condition include:

Compulsive masturbation

  • Regularly seeking out pornography
  • Use of sex over the Internet or phone
  • Multiple anonymous partners or a sequence of affairs
  • Frequent visits to strip clubs or adult bookstores
  • Frequent hiring of prostitutes or visits to massage parlors
  • Engaging in sex that is unsafe or even dangerous
  • Exhibitionism or voyeurism

Symptoms of Sex Addiction

Symptoms of sex addiction may vary from person to person, but often include the following:

  • More time spent in sexual fantasizing and behavior
  • Compulsive engagement in sexual fantasies, urges and behavior
  • Loss of control over sexual behavior or exceeding sexual limits
  • Inability to stop sexual behaviors even if the desire is there
  • Negative consequences from sexual behaviors

Getting Help for Sex Addiction

Sexual addiction is something that often requires professional counseling to overcome. At West Coast Recovery Centers, we help individuals overcome all types of addiction, through a variety of treatment programs and therapies. Our staff is trained to help you work through the underlying issues that led to your addiction and move forward on the path of recovery. Contact us today at 855-927-2687.

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