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Counseling As a Sounding Board

Effective Counseling Provides a Sounding Board for Personal Progress It’s no secret that many people are uncomfortable with the idea of sharing their deeper thoughts with another. It taps into a variety of fundamental human anxieties: the fear of being wrong, on a deep and abiding level. The fear of being judged. It creates a[…]

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Transition and Recovery Planning

Having an Addiction Recovery Plan Addiction recovery is often described as a road, or sometimes as a path. It is, unquestionably, a journey, one that leads to a lifestyle with reduced stress factors and improved overall health. This may represent a return to a previously enjoyed lifestyle, or an entirely new phase in a person’s[…]

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Meeting Individual Needs with Gender Responsive Therapy

Gender Responsive Therapy Meets Individual Recovery Needs Gender, as a concept, incorporates a great deal more than a person’s biology (although biology does play a role in affecting the process of addiction recovery, due to substances affecting men’s and women’s bodies in different ways). The word “gender,” in its modern connotation, reflects the reality of[…]

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Family Therapy for Addiction Recovery Support

All You Need is Love: Family Therapy West Coast Recovery Centers offers traditional and holistic approaches to the treatment of addiction disorder. With some of the therapies made available, these two approaches are combined in innovative ways, as with WCRC’s approach to dialectical behavioral therapy. Another deeply holistic method, AccuDidge, is presented in such a way as[…]

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Managing Addiction through Creative Expression

One of the primary concepts behind any form of treatment for addiction disorder is the importance of learning how to express one’s psychological needs, sometimes in unconventional ways. This applies to both the traditional and the holistic approaches in modern addiction counseling practices. Many individuals who turn to drugs or alcohol do so based on[…]

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Personal Empowerment through Mindful Living

“From a small seed, a mighty tree may grow.” —Aeschylus People build things. It’s what we do; it’s one of our most primal expressions of personal identity. Throughout the history of human civilization, we have grown by building higher and expanding our borders. Those who pursue power over large populations, whether for their own gratification[…]

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Approaching Addiction Recovery through EMDR

Limiting beliefs, negative self-image, and other underlying contributors to addiction and substance abuse frequently have their own contributing factors. Many mental and emotional challenges to a healthy, intentional perspective are themselves symptoms of other issues. One of the most frequent causes of such deep and life-long challenges is traumatic memory. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing[…]

Cooperative Communication

Cooperative Communication for Mindful Self-Awareness A range of factors contribute to the individual needs of every person on the path to recovering from addiction. Age, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds all come into play in determining how to best overcome a person’s unique challenges; in some cases, there are other psycho-social concerns involved. There are, however,[…]

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AccuDidge: A West Coast Recovery Centers Exclusive

The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association was founded in 1985. Its mission is simple: advance the evidence-based use of acupuncture for the treatment of addiction disorders. The organization was founded by Dr. Michael Smith of New York’s Lincoln Hospital, along with a cadre of other medical professionals. Its acronym, NADA, was chosen to reflect the organization’s[…]