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Mindfulness and Addiction Recovery: What Is Mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness? West Coast RC offers a mixture of traditional and holistic therapies for the treatment of substance abuse disorders. One of the common points between every form of treatment, however, is a strong basis in certain ancient Eastern philosophies. Specifically, West Coast Recovery focuses on those which center on mindfulness, meditation and intentional living,[…]

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Sober Living in Transition

Sober Living Sober living is more than a recovery program, or a form of therapy. It’s a state of mind, which uses intentional living as a means of making deliberate decisions to fight cravings. Through sober living, a person is provided with the necessary treatment and support to choose to let go of their addiction.[…]

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Why Transitional Living Works

Transitional Living: Why it Works Transitional living is a concept which has long been well-established in fostering readjustment to society; as such, it has become quite common among groups of people facing a diverse range of challenges. Transitional living has seen use among individuals with a wide range of mental health concerns, as well as[…]

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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Develops Life Skills for Lasting Success

Within the practices of cognitive behavioral therapy, several organized series of therapeutic approaches exist. These methods of approaching behavioral challenges, such as body image disorders and addiction, are rooted in the concept that dysfunctional behaviors are the result of internal triggers. These triggers may be deep-rooted thoughts, limiting beliefs, feelings, or other psychological patterns or[…]

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Radical Acceptance

Experiencing negative and painful emotions is unfortunately a part of our life. Many of us are never taught how to accept or cope with these emotions, so when we do experience them, we feel out of control and ill-equipped to face them. When we experience an intense emotion, such as rage, frustration, or sadness, we[…]

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New Study Links Sedentary Lifestyle and Alcohol Abuse

A regular exercise program offers a myriad of healthy benefits, from a more efficient cardiovascular system to successful weight loss. Now, two recent studies have also confirmed that physical activity may be linked to a lower risk of alcohol abuse. While the studies do not show cause and effect at this time, their results do[…]