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AccuDidge: A West Coast Recovery Centers Exclusive

The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association was founded in 1985. Its mission is simple: advance the evidence-based use of acupuncture for the treatment of addiction disorders. The organization was founded by Dr. Michael Smith of New York’s Lincoln Hospital, along with a cadre of other medical professionals. Its acronym, NADA, was chosen to reflect the organization’s[…]

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Pharmacogenetic Testing

Staying on the cutting edge of medical techniques and assuring that our clients benefit from the advances of modern science is an important and necessary aspect of our services. We use an individualized approach to medication prescription and offer our clients a new type of genetic testing called pharmacogenetic testing which helps to optimize benefits[…]

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Women’s Treatment in North County

West Coast seeks to remedy the limited availability of gender-responsive care for women with substance use disorder in need of behavioral healthcare in San Diego County. West Coast is the number one provider of gender-responsive care in North and Central San Diego County, providing access to individualized and intensive outpatient treatment services, in addition to offering access[…]