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Meditation in Motion for a Busy Modern World

Mindful on the Go: Meditation Techniques for Today’s Modern Lifestyles It’s no secret that the pace of modern life is speeding up. Recent anthropological studies have concluded that, in many pre-agrarian societies, people worked as little as four hours per day, and slept 4-6 hours twice per day. They ate frequent meals, and regularly gathered[…]

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Family Therapy for Addiction Recovery Support

All You Need is Love: Family Therapy West Coast Recovery Centers offers traditional and holistic approaches to the treatment of addiction disorder. With some of the therapies made available, these two approaches are combined in innovative ways, as with WCRC’s approach to dialectical behavioral therapy. Another deeply holistic method, AccuDidge, is presented in such a way as[…]

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New Study Links Sedentary Lifestyle and Alcohol Abuse

A regular exercise program offers a myriad of healthy benefits, from a more efficient cardiovascular system to successful weight loss. Now, two recent studies have also confirmed that physical activity may be linked to a lower risk of alcohol abuse. While the studies do not show cause and effect at this time, their results do[…]