Introduction to the 12 Steps

The 12-step recovery program was originally created in the 1930s and has been successfully used by thousands struggling with addiction ever since. Originally designed for alcoholics, the program has been adapted over the years to other types of addictions, giving this program far-reaching benefits and results. If you are struggling with an addiction, now is[…]

The Family Education Program

Be a Loving Mirror (BALM) is a family recovery curriculum designed by Beverly Buncher. This curriculum encompasses interactive coaching and education to help families find a way to live in peace with the recovering addict after treatment. By erasing judgments and regaining inner calm, family members can provide support to the one in recovery, while[…]

6 Stages of Change

Addiction recovery encompasses many changes that lead the individual away from the addiction to a healthier, more satisfying life of sobriety. However, the famous motto, “just do it” is rarely a recipe for successful recovery in these situations, since the changes needed in recovery are typically anxiety-provoking and stressful. Most of us need to work[…]

Introduction to Alternative Modalities

Addiction treatment has revolved around the 12-step model for decades, and this approach has helped many addicts achieve a successful life of sobriety. However, the 12-step program does not work as effectively for everyone. Some patients may find alternative modalities or treatments are more successful in helping them overcome their addictions. At West Coast Recovery[…]

Progression of the Disease of Addiction

Addiction is not an instant disease that suddenly strikes out of nowhere. Instead, addiction can be described as a progression of steps that begin with the first choice to drink or use. If the progression continues, it can lead to the loss of choice and an inability to stop using. Understanding the progression of addiction[…]