Our mission is to inspire and empower change through innovative, traditional and non-traditional methods of treatment.

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West Coast Recovery Centers provides comprehensive, gender responsive treatment for substance use disorders in an intimate, very personalized environment. The program is therapeutically driven with an emphasis on holistic health and healing created to facilitate and fasten change for long-term recovery. Our size enables us to tailor our program to emphasize and meet our resident’s specific needs, offering the best therapeutic milieu for each individual.

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Lack of Women’s Treatment – A Problem Worth Solving

West Coast seeks to remedy the limited availability of gender-responsive care for women with substance use disorder in need of behavioral healthcare in San Diego County.

Radical Acceptance

Experiencing negative and painful emotions is unfortunately a part of our life. Many of us are never taught how to accept or cope with these emotions, so when we do experience them, we feel out of control and ill-equipped to face them.

Sober Summer: 5 Tips for Preventing a Relapse

Summer is a great time to reconnect with friends and family you didn’t have as much time for throughout the busier times of the year. The season is all about kicking back and relaxing. If you are like others working through their sobriety, summertime can also bring back enticing memories of alcohol-filled barbecues, parties and beach days. If summer threatens to derail your recovery, a few tips from West Coast Recovery Centers may help you maintain healthy sobriety throughout the season.



  • "I am so happy that Sean and Andria Firtel and Ian Depew have opened West Coast Recovery in Oceanside, Ca. North Coastal San Diego has long had a paucity of treatment and WCRC is a welcome and much needed addition . Having worked with Sean, I know WCRC offers clients and their families top notch substance abuse care. Their emphasis on mind, body and spirit gives their clients and families opportunities to experience first hand innovative approaches to treatment....READ MORE"

    Dr. Louise Stanger LCSW, CIP
  • West Coast Recovery Centers are what I look for in a treatment center because they truly embody what it means to advocate for the client AND just as importantly the family of the client. How does that manifest? They ask a lot of questions as opposed to making a lot of declarative statements about how it is and how it works because that’s how it worked for them. They connect with the clients on a deeper level than just what they know to be true but rather by really trying to find out ... READ MORE


    Timothy Harrington
    Chief Empowerment Officer, Sustainable Recovery
  • “I cannot even explain with words the West Coast Recovery experience. After calling almost every rehab in San Diego homeless on the streets once again West Coast stood alone with the owner driving into the night to pick up a kid reaching his hand out in desperate need of help, that kid was me. I’ve underwent profound spiritual and psychological breakthroughs now truly seeing my purpose here on this earth. The feelings of fear and alienation have completely vanished and been filled with passion ... READ MORE

    Eric Rauen
  • "West Coast Recovery Centers is my premier choice in men’s addiction treatment. Founders Sean Firtel and Ian Depew worked diligently to create the absolute highest standard of care for the most affordable price-point. When choosing a provider, I consider an exhaustive list of criteria, and West Coast Recovery Centers meets every single one. Where other providers jam as many clients as possible under one license, WCRC is small and intimate, serving no more than six men at a time in their residential facility... READ MORE

    Jenny Rodin, CIP
    Founder, Hope Family Interventions